Roma Judaica, Guided Walks in Rome

Guided walks with Roma Judaica
In these walks we start either at the Arch of Titus on the Roman Forum, where we look of the reliefs of the Temple Treasures brought from Jerusalem to Rome in 70 AD or at Portico d´Ottavia, where one of the original two gates to the ghetto was situated. In both tours we walk through the ghetto district where the Jews were locked up for 300 years while I tell you about life behind the walls. We look at the churches were the Jews were forced to listen to Christian sermons and the piazza where there were five synagogues within one building. We also see the only remaining street from the old ghetto and the Great Synagogue which was inaugurated in 1904. This is the synagogue which Pope John Paul ll visited in 1986 and said the now famous words: - You are our older brothers. At the plaque commemorating the Roman Jews who lost their lives during the Nazi occupation I will explain what happened to the Roman and Italian Jews during fascism and German occupation.

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