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Das jüdische und christliche Rom 25. Oktober – 1.November 2009

Tours with Roma Judaica
The tours have either “Jewish Rome” or “Encounter between Judaism and Christianity” as a theme. In "Jewish Rome" we emphasize Jewish history and Jewish sights; in "Encounter between Judaism and Christianity", which is always arranged together with a theologian, we explore the origin of Christianity from within Judaism, how different theological theories about Judaism have influenced Christian thought and differences between and similarities in the two religions. The tours include excursions to Jewish and Christian catacombs and to Ostia Antica, Rom´s harbour town during antiquity where Europe’s oldest synagogue was found in 1961. Both tours last six days and every day starts with lectures. The tours can also include an excursion to either Assisi, Pitigliano, once called the Jerusalem of Italy or Jewish Florence. We are accommodated in a convent in central Rome. Participants will arrange their own travel to Rome. People already staying in Rome can join the group.

Jewish tours, Assisi, Pitigliano, Florence

Jewish tours, walks and lecture

Lectures in Rome:
Göran Larsson, PhD, clergyman in the Swedish Lutheran Church and doctor in Judaism at the University in Lund, Sweden.
Olle Brandt, PhD, archaeologist at the Papal Institute of Christian Archaeology in Rome
Sonia Schlossman, MA, historian and journalist, living in Rome

Contact info: Sonia Schlossman :: E-mail